My name is Megan! My sister, Elizabeth, and I started Johsnton Photography in late 2015! 
Before we became grownups and started pursuing photography professionally, we were two normal ladies raising families; while I followed everyone around with a camera. We got serious about pursuing photography when our little ones were born.  We loved having their picture taken, however we couldn't have a photographer with us at all times, so I bought a camera to capture those imperfect little moments.
The more and more we took pictures of our precious littles, the more and more we were asked to take pictures for friends and familes.  After 2 years of ammerture photography it didn't take long for us to decide to take this show on the road!
We are both lucky enough to be married to our best friends who support our adventures.  Because without them we wouldn't be able to do this. 
Elizabeth and I have two completely different roles with Johnston Photography, but we are both incredibly passionate about what we do.
I'm lucky enough to be the photographer! Because I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!  There isn't much I enjoy more than photography.  My sister gets to do the behind the scenese stuff, becuase she's the brains of the business side.  We have grown up the same way we run our business, Elizabeth is disciplined and organized and I run around with crazy ideas.
Our goal is to make you as proud of our images as we are! And we look forward to working with you!